Tiger Woods looks to win 15th major title

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV)-- At any golf tournament, Tiger Woods is always the star attraction, but even more so when we are talking about a major.{}

He has 14 to date, but hasn't won since 2008...And his quest to surpass Jack Nicklaus' total of 18... In his mind is still well within reach.{}

"Well I figure it's going to take a career. It's going to take a long time. Jack didn't finish his until he was 46, so if you go by that time table I've got 10 more years. 40 more majors is a lot, so I've got plenty of time," said Woods Monday.{}{}

But in tiger's world, it's been a long time since he won his last major, the 2008 U.S. Open to be exact.{}

"I played in 3 major Championships and didn't win any of them, so that's the goal. I was there at the U.S. Open after two days and I was right there with a chance at the British open. So, things have progressedbut still. I'm not winning major Championships, and that doesn't feel very good," Woods admitted.{}

His health is no longer in question. For the first time in a long time he's at 100 percent.{}

"Being healthy and being able to play and practice properly and implement things Sean wants me to do, this is the way I can hit the golf ball, this is the way I can play. It's nice to be able to do the things I know I can do," said Tiger.{}

Fourteen majors, 4 PGA championship titles. This is the stage that Tiger Woods wants, to be at his best.{}

"To me it's a chance to be able to make history to go out the next day, win a tournament; you're a part of history. So that, to me, is exciting."{}

Tiger Woods, ready to raise the roof this weekend, just as long as the storm clouds and the rain stays away.