Tim Goodwin re-elected as mayor of Folly Beach

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCIV) -- Tim Goodwin will keep his seat as the mayor of Folly Beach.

Goodwin beat out former city administrator Toni Connor-Rooks in the race for mayor of Folly Beach, Charleston County officials said. Incumbent Mayor Goodwin garnered 58 percent of the vote with 612 votes, to Connor-Rooks's 434 votes.

1,055 of Folly Beach's 2,358 registered voters cast ballots, according to the Charleston County Board of Elections.

"It's a great endorsement on things we gained in four years. The city is a better place, safer place, cleaner place and a more family-friendly beach," Goodwin said.

"Tim Goodwin's reelection is definitely a vote of confidence that the alcohol ban was the right thing to do for the community," said Councilman Eddie Ellis, who was ousted last year as the city's mayor pro tem.

Goodwin will focus on infrastructure and beautification in the next four years, he said.

"We're going to finish the renourishment project," Goodwin said. "We have new bridges coming in and a new phase coming on. Next: how citizens want their city to look. How we can spruce it up, give citizens what they want?"

There were three city council seats up for grabs as well, newcomer D.J. Rich will join Dale Stuckey and Punnel Clamp who both won re-election.

Connor-Rooks declined to comment on the election results.

The results have not yet been certified.