Tim Scott visits his Alma mater

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Sen. Tim Scott visited his Alma mater, Stall High School on Tuesday.

He told the auditorium full of faculty and students to dream big while reminiscing about his time spent there. Scott spoke of his failing grades his freshman year, but reminded those listening how that didn't hold him back from achieving his dreams.

"You can do almost anything you set your mind to," he said.

He said he is thankful for having good teachers that believed in him during his time at the school. He says they told him the sky is the limit.

"The teachers that I failed their class, those teachers loved me enough to give me what I earned and teach me a very important lesson about earned success," he said.

The 1983 Stall graduate spoke from his heart, while some of those who taught Scott sat and listened to him speak. Karen Gibson was the sponsor for the political action club and student government while Scott was in school.

"He was very much a people's person," she said.

Scott told the room that one of the biggest mistakes he made in life was having dreams in high school that were too small.

"Do not judge your future by the circumstances or situation that's dealt. Do not judge your future by what you see around you. Judge your future by the future by the potential that's within you," Scott said.