Time slipping away from Military Museum

By Eric

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- There may be no room for Charleston's historical treasures. The American Military Museum, downtown, is being forced to shut down. Officials must have the museum packed up and closed up, in 30 days.

Displays of battles won and lost and lives sacrificed decorate the museum walls, capturing time in a collection of artifacts. All this, while the museum hopes the present can stand still, so these memories can be saved.

"It's going to take a major miracle for us to even come close, I mean we're 30 days into it already," said museum director, Randi Meagher.

Meagher has until May 21 to move the museum out of it's location on Concord Street. Fast and furious packing, she says, has already begun. Boxes are being filled and stacked high. After 10 years at this spot, the museum's landlord is not renewing Meagher's lease.

"I'm not sure he really has any idea of how much there is behind the scenes," Meagher said. "Then we've got to break down all the display cases as well. It's not just a matter of moving the collections, there's a lot of work involved."

With tourism season just underway, Meagher's fighting to stay open as long as possible.

Every new patron betters the museum's chance of being financially able to make a move.

"It brings it to life," said museum visitor, Darold Myers. "You can read a history book and it tells you World War II and so forth, here you can actually see what it looked like a far as the uniforms."

But with each passing day more of these treasures will be tucked away.

"It takes a terrible toll and the frustration is that it's counter productive, it makes all of this a more difficult time to keep working at it, when the stress level is this extreme," said Meagher.

It's Meagher's hope she'll be able to one day unpack and give life again to the pieces of military history.

The museum has been in talks with multiple sites for relocating but officials have been unable to finalize those plans.

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