Time to save on back to school supplies

By Nikki

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Surpassed only by the weekend before Christmas and Thanksgiving, South Carolina's tax free holiday is the third largest shopping period in the state.

"Since the bills get pretty high, I'll get all my binders and school supplies and it won't be as expensive," said Brittany Jordan, a shopper and student at Ashley Hall.

Through August 3-5, South Carolina shoppers are expected to save about three million dollars.

"I do think as many supplies people have to buy now for schoolI think it's a great opportunity to save money," said shopper, Kelly Hastings.

Popular items shoppers can expect to save on include: computers, I-pads, school supplies, and even clothing.{}

"I go to a private school so we have uniforms and that also gets expensive," said Jessica Schnorr.

Furniture, cosmetics, and cell phones are some of the items that are not tax free.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average shopper plans to spend close to $700 on back to school suppliesthat's about $80 more than last years.

And with everyone looking for ways to save a dollar or two, that's where the tax free holiday helps.

"We're always looking to save money," said Jordan.

Oddly enough, other items you'll find tax free include: bridal gowns, garter belts, and even lingerie.{}