BASIC TIMELINE: Mt. Pleasant couple slain in St. Maarten

Suspects arrested: MKJ, JCM, JJW (Courtesy: Daily Herald)

The following is a timeline of events related to the murder of a Mount Pleasant couple in the Caribbean nation of St. Maarten in Sept. 2012.

Friday, Sept. 21:Police in St. Maarten report a couple from South Carolina have been found dead and there are signs of foul play. The bodies of Michael and Thelma King are found inside their beachfront condominium.

Saturday, Sept. 22:Friends of the Kings in Mount Pleasant say they're in shock over the deaths. They say the Kings treated everyone they met as extended family members. Meantime, officials in St. Maarten do not release much information about their murder.

Sunday, Sept. 23:A police spokesman says a man has been arrested in connection with the deaths of Michael and Thelma King. Few other details are released, however. In St. Maarten, it is common for authorities to keep the names of suspects secret.

Monday, Sept. 24:St. Maarten Solicitor General Taco Stein reports an autopsy will be conducted on the Kings today. Officials still do not release much information about the case, but do confirm the Mount Pleasant couple were stabbed.

Monday, Sept. 24:The owner of a Mount Pleasant restaurant frequented by the Kings says the deaths are "just unfathomable." Jon Osborne, owner of Waters Edge, says Michael and Thelma King touched a lot of lives and came into his restaurant two to three times a month.

Tuesday, Sept. 25:The man arrested in connection with the deaths - still only being identified as MKJ - is set to go before a judge. Family members of the Kings also release a statement, thanking the public for an outpouring of support but asking for privacy.

Wednesday, Sept. 26:The name of the man arrested in connection with the deaths of the Kings is made public by The St. Maarten News Network. Meyshane Kemar Johnson, 29, is suspected of killing the couple.

Wednesday, Sept. 26:The FBI is now helping St. Maarten authorities investigate the murder of the Kings. Officials in St. Maarten asked for the FBI's help and, according to a news release, the FBI agreed to help.

Friday, Sept. 28:The bodies of Michael and Thelma King return to South Carolina, to the Whitaker Funeral Home in Newberry.

Monday, Oct. 1:Funeral arrangements are set for Michael and Thelma king. Services will be held Wednesday, Oct. 3.

Monday, Oct. 1:A second suspect is arrested in connection with the deaths of the Kings in St. Maarten. This suspect - identified only at JCM - is 17 years old.

Wednesday, Oct. 3:Meyshane Johnson, whom authorities first arrested in the Michael and Thelma King case, admits his involvement in their murders, according to officials in St. Maarten. The announcement comes on the same day the Kings are eulogized in Chapin, S.C.

Wednesday, Oct. 3:A funeral for Michael and Thelma King is held in Chapin, S.C. Family and friends said goodbye to the Kings. Meantime, officials in St. Maarten have arrested a second suspect, JCM, in connection with their deaths.

Thursday, Oct. 4:A judge in St. Maarten orders the detention extended for the 17-year-old suspect as well as the first suspect, Meyshane Johnson. Neither man has been formerly charged.

Monday, Oct. 8:A third suspect is arrested. The 20-year-old, identified only by the initials of J.J.W, was arrested on the island of Saint Thomas. Public Prosecutor Hans Mos said that the suspect had flown out of the Dutch Caribbean territory to the U.S. Virgin Islands and was then extradited to St. Maarten with the help of U.S. authorities.

Friday Oct 12:A judge in St. Maarten extends the pre-trial detention term of the suspect known as JCM for another eight days.

Monday Oct 15:The third suspect, known as JJW, heads to court to find out if police can keep him in custody any longer.

Friday Oct 19:The judge ordered prolonged detention for all three suspects. Charges have yet to be filed.

Thursday Jan 17, 2013:The first suspect, Mayshane Johnson, appears in court for the first time but his hearing is postponed until Jan. 22 when all three suspects will go before the judge.

Tuesday Jan. 22, 2013:A trial date has been set for the three suspects. A judge said Tuesday that the trial will begin April 9, with a verdict likely in May. A procedural hearing will be held on Feb. 19 to address mental evaluations and DNA evidence.

Tuesday Feb. 19, 2013:In a procedural hearing, prosecutors asked the court for a reconstruction of the crime scene. The judge hearing the case granted the request. A date has not yet been set for the reconstruction, but court officials{}will go back to the scene, set it up like it was found and they will take the statements all three suspects gave them and go through each of them to determine if their statements about what happened during the crime are feasible.

Tuesday April 9, 2013:The murder trial for three men in the Dutch Caribbean country in connection with the September 2012 killing of Michael and Thelma King of Mount Pleasant started Tuesday. Authorities said they suspect Meyshane Johnson was the main assailant and that the crime occurred during a robbery of the King's beach home.

Wednesday May 8, 2013:The verdict is in and all three men are sentenced. Meyshane Johnson is given a life sentence, Jeremiah Mills got 28 years and Jefferson Woolford was sentenced to 22 years.