Tony the Peanut Man loses peanut boiling operation to fire

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Charleston Fire Department responded to a small outdoor fire that turned out to be the tent where a local icon cooked up boiled peanuts.The fire happened around 1 a.m. Tuesday behind the 5th Avenue home of 59-year-old Anthony Wright, also known as local legend, Tony the Peanut Man.

Tony tells us he was boiling peanuts, getting ready for this weekend's game then he went inside and fell asleep on the couch. A neighbor woke him up and told him that there was a fire. He says he tried to put it out with a hose but it was too much, so he backed off and called 911.

Firefighters found numerous bags of peanuts, tarp, peanut cooking appliances, and propane cylinders in the small tent. According to a report from the Charleston Police Department, firefighters could not determine the cause of the fire but it did not appear suspicious.

The fire gutted his entire operation causing about $10,000 in damage to equipment and inventory.While Tony doesn't know how he's going to get back in business, he has high hopes to be up and running again by this weekend.