Tourists make best of sunny Folly after TS Andrea

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) The waves created by Tropical Storm Andrea didn't exactly meet the expectations of surfer Louis Duffie.

"She's a little weak, I'd say. She's not as good, like when there's an actual hurricane, you know, like in the fall. That's when the swell is actually good, you know, and a lot of fun," said Duffie. {}

Folly Beach has seemingly returned to normal, with kids playing, adults relaxing, and seagulls looking for food.

"We've just been out here it's a little sandy, a little windy, but the sun's shining and it's a little bit better today," said tourist Jenna Walters. {}

The Walters family of Kentucky said they're trying to make up some time at the beach before they head back home after a week-long stay.

"The first day we came out here and it was really nice; we had a good time. We were excited for the vacation. Then every day it started pouring down rain. We went into Charleston (and) got soaked. It's still been fine -- we've enjoyed ourselves," said Walters. {}

Folly Beach was also the destination of choice for the Botts Family of Tennessee. The group of 20 says this was their first trip to Charleston and Tropical Storm Andrea didn't destroy their trip.

"We were watching the weather. We knew there was a possibility so, again we were able to enjoy most of our time here," said Arnold Botts. {}

One of the families said their hotel offered them a reasonable coupon to come back and visit because of the day they lost indoors due to Andrea.