Townhome community told to get out ahead of pending sale

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- People who live at the Ashley Shores Townhome community in North Charleston say they have been given 30 days to find somewhere else to live.

An agent with Ashley Shores says most of the leases at the property are month-to-month and the property is in the process of being sold.

By state law, management is only required to give tenants a month's notice to vacate the property. Still, many people in the community are not happy.

"We've had a bunch of rumors floating around, but we go to him and ask and he said no. He hasn't sold the place. We don't have to find a new place, He's going to be the landlord," said Cedrick Curry, one of the residents.

Many of the residents say they are living on a fixed income and will have a tough time finding a new place to live they can afford so quickly.

"I don't see how that's possible for anybody in here to do it unless they have another backup plan because this is an all-of-the-sudden thing. And especially when you work from paycheck to paycheck," said Curry.