Store manager: Trader Joe's is unlike any other store

Trader Joe's (Dave MacQueen/WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- The area's newest grocery store has officially opened its doors.

Trader Joe's in Mount Pleasant officially opened its doors Friday morning.{} The line started forming outside the doors around 6:30 Friday morning.{} Just before the doors opened, the line had grown to dozens of people waiting for their chance to shop at the newest grocery store in town.

The grocery store chain is expected to bring one-of-a-kind items that it is known for across the country.

"Trader Joe's is like no other retailer in the world," said store manager Chris Spina. "We have buyers that travel all over the world. I call them professional foodies. They do the research. They buy direct from the manufacturer, and then ship to our warehouses."

Spina said he has gotten great feedback from the community, feedback that has led him to believe the store's opening is highly anticipated. He said there has been a large amount of buzz.

"One young lady wanted to camp out the night before we opened," Spina said. "...But I told her I would get her first in line for sure. She didn't need to camp our for the opening."

Spina said the appeal of Trader Joe's is the ability of the store to offer great prices.

"Because we cut out the middleman there's huge value and savings," he said. "We don't advertise, so most of it is just word of mouth. We just cut the cost out and it is put back into the products."

Trader Joe's carries about 3,000 different items, approximately 80 percent under their own label.

Spina said he will be concentrating on helping customers over the next few days.

"Just find me, and I will show you everything," he said.