Traffic accidents bad for businesses near Iron Gate Plaza

By Ava

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) {}It's home to several popular businesses, but there's only one way in and out of Mount Pleasant's Iron Gate Plaza and it's causing plenty of headaches and accidents.

For delivery drivers at Mosaic Cafe and Catering, the exit from their own parking is becoming a safety concern.{}

"It's a challenging exit from our parking lot, again turning into it is simple," said Jeff Hunter, the manager at Mosaic.

He says the restaurant staff supports adding a traffic light to the intersection of Iron Gate Plaza and Hungryneck Boulevard. Hunter says their drivers shouldn't have to be worried about getting hit.{}

"When you're driving a great big truck and trying to exit when people are doing 40-50 miles per hour and they're not expecting a truck to pull out in front of them, it definitely can be challenging and it definitely can be dangerous," said Hunter. {}

It's proven to be so dangerous that one business owner uses his own cellphone to document each accident in front of his business.

"We see probably one accident every two or three weeks, and we've documented at least 70 accidents, just in the last 4 or 5 years," said Sean Griffin, the owner of Liquid Highway Car Wash.

Griffin says the intersection has progressively gotten worse and customers are noticing.

"A light would help guide people that really don't know what to do; they get confused at the intersection, just a lot of uncertainty about what to do -- a lot of accidents," said Griffin. {}

He says the lack of traffic guidance is bad for business, so he started a petition a few months ago and gathered 2,500 signatures since then. Griffin also started a Facebook page{}where he posts pictures from the accidents.

The Town of Mount Pleasant says there are no plans to install a light at the intersection. Officials say they have conducted a traffic study and are waiting for the results.

Town representatives say they are also waiting on the crash data records from the Department of Public Safety to complete the study.

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