Triplets each take interception back for TD in one game

By Scott

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Cope triplets are known all over Colleton Prep Academy. It's not hard to spot out the triplets when the student body only has about 30 guys in it.

This week, the Cope boys are standing out for another reason.

It all started on the first play of Friday's game against Charleston Collegiate. Cody Cope picked off a pass and took it to the house for a TD.

"He overthrew the ball; I got up there to catch it and took it back for a TD" Cody said.

A few plays later, it was his brother Tanner's turn.

"I saw the QB pass the ball. I dropped back. I ran up and caught it," Tanner said. "Our running back, Jordan, cleared the way for me and I scored."

At that point, something special was on the verge of happening.

"Scott said, 'Coach, Coach, you gotta get me in there,' " said head coach Neil Minton. "I said , 'oh yeah, we've already got two picks from the two brothers,' "

Soon after, it happened, the third Cope triplet, Scott, picked off a pass and took it to the endzone -- completing something remarkable. Each boy in a set of triplets took an interception back for a touchdown in one game.

There are no official records or stats kept that lumps every classification of high school football together, but through google searches, research and phone calls, Coach Minton says he can't find something like this documented anywhere else.