T.S. Andrea serves as practice for emergency management

There was some minor flooding in downtown Charleston with Tropical Storm Andrea (Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The Lowcountry braced for the worst but fortunately Tropical Storm Andrea didn't pack too much of a punch as it moved through the area.

The storm did have one benefit though: it served as practice for local emergency management officials.

Less than a week into hurricane season, emergency mangers in the Tri-County area were doing their part to keep the public safe.

"It was a good little test run for our first time in our new emergency operations center and so I think for that we learned a few little things that we might be able to change next time and you know, but for the most part everything went real well," said Cathy Haynes, Chief of Operations with Charleston County Emergency Management.

They used their new media briefing room for a press conference Thursday, but there are still some new tools they want to test.

"We now have the capability if you will for video conferencing in the EOC so we would have been able to do some video conferencing but that is still a very, very new animal for us, so we are still learning how to even do it so that is something I really want to try," said Haynes.

As crews worked to clean up debris left by Andrea, emergency officials have already got their eyes on what could come next.

"One of my biggest concerns is complacency of our public and not only complacency for those that have been here and has gone through a storm with us but those that have not been through a storm, the newcomers," said Haynes. "Our population, it turns over a good bit. There is a lot of folks that has never lived on the coast before that is now living here and may not understand the true severity of a hurricane and what they can do and stuff like that."

So as you drive through the leftover puddles this weekend, make sure you are prepared for the worst this hurricane season.