Tropical Storm Chantal forms in Atlantic

MIAMI (WCIV) -- {}The National Hurricane Center on Sunday night said a strong tropical wave located east-southeast of the Windward Islands had developed circulation and was being named Tropical Storm Chantal.{}

Forecast maps have the storm moving across the Lesser Antilles on Monday night and into the eastern Caribbean early Tuesday.{}

Officials have already issued tropical storm warnings for Barbados, Dominica and St. Lucia. A tropical storm watch is in effect for St. Vincent, according to the most recent data from the NHC.

By Tuesday night, Chantal will be about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico.

Current forecast models have the storm staying south of higher wind shear. Chantal is developing over warm water, so the NHC suggests the storm will intensify with maximum winds at 65 mph by Tuesday night.{}

If Chantal maintains its current trajectory, it will pass over Haiti sometime late Wednesday, losing some strength as it does.

LOCATION:{}1,050 miles southeast of the Windward Islands

STRENGTH:{}Gusts to 40 mph

MOVEMENT:{}west-northwest at about 25 mph