True Believer: Darius Rucker hits the right note with fan

By Dean Stephensdstephens@abcnews4.comAWENDAW, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was a moment caught on cellphones and video recorders, a moment that won't soon be forgotten, not only for the 16-year-old Wando High School student who has Down syndrome, but also for the rock star who was upstaged at the school talent show.

On Friday, the student, Frankie Antonelli, and Darius Rucker were back together again.

The quiet still of Bulls Bay Golf Course was interrupted for a short time. Antonelli was rocking Rucker's latest hit "Radio" on a pair headphones singing from the top of his lungs, unaware and without a care of who was listening in.

If he's not singing Rucker, he's talking about him.

"Would you rather be Justin Beiber or Darius?" I asked Frankie.

The answer was simple: "Darius"Antonelli's answer was the same answer when I asked him "Tiger Woods or Darius? "

As Rucker finished up his 27th hole, it didn't take long for Antonelli to take off after him. He ran as fast as he could to say hello to his hero.

Rucker's surprise appearance during the Wando High School talent show Wednesday night has gone viral. There have been nearly 10,000 views and it was history in the making.

"Every year he sings a Darius or Hootie song in a talent show and he does it with such love and exuberance just like he wrote it," said Rucker. "I was so proud to be there and wanted it to happen. I know he's done it for the past few years but my work schedule has kept me away and when it happened I was so proud to be a part of it."

Darius has sung on some huge stages in front of mammoth crowds, including Super Bowls, World Series games, Broadway and awards shows, but he says Wednesdays gig was the best thing of his musical career.

Frankie's parents hope this also serves as a teaching lesson that people with disabilities have abilities and don't ask what they can't do, but instead what they can do.

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