Two 526 fatals create safety concern for drivers

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)After two deadly wrecks in a matter of days on I-526, some drivers are calling for a change.

Lisa Pistolis, 24, and Arnold Williams, 35, were both charged in separate accidents. Two people also lost their lives in the process.

One of those deadly accidents happened near the Don Holt Bridgean area no stranger to bumper-to-bumper traffic and accidents.

"That's absolutely crazy. There's no excuse for that," stated driver, June Fleming.

Fleming travels 526 near the Don Holt Bridge often where traffic, she says, can be a major pain.

"A lot of people are just in a hurry. A lot of people are cutting people off," said Fleming.

"It's awful. It's awful. It's like every day that I come down here there's been an accident or something," said Dorothy McCord.

For McCord, the traffic congestion is out of hand, and she wants something done to fix the problem.

"It's just a mess down here. I don't like driving in it. I wish they would do something with some traffic lights or something like that."

While drivers say 18-wheelers add to the traffic with the ports nearby, James Law with the DOT says there's nothing in the works to alleviate the traffic to make the road safer.

"It's built correctly. It's built to handle the traffic that's on it," said Law. "There are no plans to do any widening or extensive work."

It's not the news some drivers were looking for.

"It would be good for the people and the powers that be to have a discussion about it," said Fleming.

In the first fatal accident, one driver was charged with felony DUI. The second accident involved a driver who's now charged with reckless homicide.