Two found guilty of health care fraud worth millions of dollars

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Two people were convicted after a jury found that they were guilty of fraudulent billing of Medicaid for millions of dollars, according to a release from United States Attorney Bill Nettles.Truman Levi Lewis of Charlotte, NC, and Norman Devi Lewis of Georgetown, SC, were convicted on charges of consipracy to commit health care fraud, money laundering conspiracy and four counts of wire fraud.Evidence presented showed the two had billed Medicaid for more than $9 million in a 22-month period, with much of the billing being fraudulent, according to the release.The release states that the two ran a for-profit youth mentoring service called Helping Hands Youth and Family Services, which had offices in Georgetown, Conway, Rock Hill and Columbia. The fraudulent billings included weekends when children were not seen, times before children were in the program, times after the children had left the program and situations in which the children had no diagnosis to justify billing.The jury also found property subject to forfeiture included two Bentley vehicles, three Mercedes vehicles, two homes, more than $600,000 in certificates of deposit and bank accounts, and other vehicles.According to the release, the maximum penalty for conspiracy to commit health care fraud is imprisonment for 10 years and/or a fine. The maximum penalty for money laundering conspiracy is imprisonment for 20 years and/or a fine. The maximum penalty for wire fraud is imprisonment for 20 years and/or a fine.