Two injured in shooting, NCPD looking for suspect

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Officers with the North Charleston Police Department are working to identify a suspect after a shooting at Blue Magic Club Friday morning, officials said.

Officials said officers responded to the club on Ashley Phosphate Road at 2 a.m. after employees said there were shots as customers left the building.

Officials said one person was shot in the calf and another in the hip, but the injuries are not life threatening. One of the people injured was a security guard at the club, police said later Friday morning.

According to the security guard, an altercation started inside and the security team tried to force everyone outside. He told police that as he walked to the front door, someone fired a gun and he felt a stinging sensation in his leg.

The security guard was taken to Trident Medical Center, police said.

A female club-goer was also injured as she was trying to leave the club, she told police. According to her statement, she was on her way outside when she heard gun shots and felt a stinging in her side.

She looked down and saw blood, she said, and then fell to the ground. Her friends helped her up and took her to Trident Medical Center.

At this time, police do not have any information on the shooter.

This is not the first time there have been shots fired at Blue Magic. In July, three cars were hit by stray bullets in a shooting that happened shortly after a fight broke out. No one was injured in that incident.