Two more charged with murder in Marley Lion death

L to R: Bryan Rivers, George Brown, Julius Brown

By Eric

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- Julius Brown and Bryan Rivers have now also been charged with the murder of Marley Lion.

Police say they were with the gunman, Ryan Deleston, when he shot the teen.

Three of the four men charged in connection with the 17-year-old's death were back in court Wednesday. According to court documents, the men had originally planned to rob the Famous Joe's restaurant. That's where Lion had been sleeping in his SUV when he was shot, in the restaurant's parking lot.

A fourth man, George Brown, was charged with accessory to murder. Brown's father says his son was not there when Lion was killed, but he was at the same house with Julius Brown, Deleston and Rivers, afterward.

"He (George Brown) said they never talked too much around him," said Brown's father, George Brown. "He'd hear the conversation from a distance, that's what they kept saying, that something went wrong."

Brown's father says his son would've come forward with more information to police, but he was afraid. In 2010, Brown was found shot five times. Police say he may have been a witness to a murder around that time. This time Brown claims his son tried to offer something.

"He told detectives that he witnessed him after he took a bath and burned the clothes," said Brown. "He told them that, what more can he do?"

Meantime, this is not the first murder charge for Julius Brown.

He was accused or killing 23-year-old Atieah Manley. She died in 2000 after being shot at the Ashley Arms Apartments.

"I'm still dealing with fear, anger, hurt and sometimes pain," said Manley's mother, Gilda Manley.

Brown was not convicted of the murder after a witness turned up dead.

Manley says, when her daughter was killed, those who may have known something were too afraid to talk about it. No one was ever convicted.

"Somebody knew something, and if they would have just come forward, we could've resolved this, that boy would've been in jail earlier," Manley said. "He (Julius Brown) put a lot of fear into these young peoples' hearts."

Bond was denied for both Julius Brown and Bryan Rivers.

Bond for George Brown was set at $200,000.

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