Unborn baby grabs doctor's finger

PHOENIX (WCIV) -- A snapshot of a baby's birth is going viral.{}

Unborn Naveah Atkins reached out of her mother's womb and grabbed the finger of the doctor performing her delivery.{}

Her mother is a professional photographer, but Naveah's father, Randy Atkins, snapped the photo.{}

"The doctor called me over and said, h'Hey, she's grabbing my finger.' So I ran over there and just grabbed the shot, and I was just in awe looking at it, it was such an amazing picture," Randy Atkins said.{}

He added that he was "very nervous" he would miss the shot.{}

The baby's mother, Alicia Atkins, said they are going to hang a large canvas print of the picture in Naveah's room.{}

She added that while they may someday sell the prints -- the family is being barraged with requests -- she said they will never give up the copyright, which is priceless to them.