Under green jacket, Platt a poet defined by faith, family

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- While he may wear his green blazer, Eugene Platt says he is not defined by the Green Party.

"Politics is not the totality of my life," he said. "As much as anything, I'm a poet and hope I haven't written my last poem of my life."

The 74-year-old James Island man says he lives by his faith and family.

"I'm in church every Sunday. That's important to me," he said."My faith informs my understanding of the Gospels which is not perfect, but it informs my political positions."

He remains devoted to his late wife Mary. She passed away of breast cancer in 2003 and for the last 10 years, he makes his pilgrimage to buy stamps for the fight.

As for the campaign trail, he has not come out swinging.

"I don't have a highly polished campaign like any of the corporate candidates," Platt said.

What he does see, however, is a chance to shake things up a bit.

"The Republican Party seems to have very conservative credentials and sometimes it seems the Democratic Party is trying to out-conservative them," he said.

Platt says he's progressive and offers a fresh voice. He says voters have the choice to shake things up a bit by giving him their vote. He says that will signal to Washington that the people are ready for a change.

"To send even a few greens or third party candidate's independence would shake things up," he said.

Platt says Tuesday cannot come soon enough.

"It's been somewhat stressful. I enjoy it, but I will be somewhat relieved when it's over, and can go on with writing new poems."

While he may be the underdog, he is still optimistic.

"I think more and more people realize that nothing in Washington will change until we stop sending only Republicans and Democrats to Washington," Platt said.

He will be at the Charleston farmers market on Saturday greeting people.