Underwater pumpkin carving kicks off Scary'um Aquarium

A sea turtle swims down for an examination of one the carvers' work on Friday. (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's the official kickoff to Scary'um Aquarium, and it's appropriately held underwater.

On Friday volunteer divers at the South Carolina Aquarium carved pumpkins in the Great Ocean Tank for the enjoyment of the animals and visitors. Aquarium officials said the beginning of a month of festivities takes skill. Underwater pumpkin carving takes a skilled diver that will carry bragging rights through the next calendar year.

"These guys are great," said aquarium assistant director of education Brian Thill. "Our volunteer divers here have a blast with this activity."

Pumpkins carved on Friday will be spread throughout various exhibits at the aquarium. Thill described the event as a win, win, win and one of the big highlights of the month-long series of special events.

"We will have numerous activities throughout the month of October where we will put pumpkins in with different animals," Thill said. "...The animals enjoy it, the public enjoys it and the staff also enjoys it."