United 787 heading to Tokyo diverted to Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) -- United Airlines says an oil filter issue has prompted the crew of a Boeing 787 flying from Denver to Tokyo to divert to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

According to the Seattle Times, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer says United Flight 139 landed safely in Seattle shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday after the crew declared an emergency.

United just put its 787s back in the air May 20 after smoldering batteries on two 787s owned by other airlines prompted authorities to ground the planes in January.

In a statement, United spokeswoman Mary Ryan says Tuesday's crew decided to land in Seattle because of "an indication of a problem with an oil filter." She said the landing was normal and the airline was working to re-accommodate about 200 passengers.

Boeing spokesperson Candy Eslinger released a statement to ABC News 4 saying, "Boeing is aware of the 787 in-service event, and we are engaged with United and GE to provide any support required."