Veronica case could be finalized Wednesday

The Capobiancos arrive to court on Wednesday (Stacy Jacobson/WCIV)

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Veronica spends her days now going to the lake with her family. Her father's attorney said she loves olives, her pets, including her duck, dog and guinea pigs and recently took a summer trip with her biological father Dusten Brown and his wife.

But her days in Oklahoma may be numbered.

"The Supreme Court has already ruled the adoption is in the best interest of the child. So the adoption is over. The only issue now is when the child comes back to Charleston," attorney Guy Vitetta said.

Vitetta is an attorney who's tried hundreds of cases in Charleston County family court. He has not worked with Brown or the Capobiancos, but he said Wednesday's hearing will probably focus on Veronica's transition plan.

"It's the only issue before him and he is going to make a determination based on what he feels in the best interest of the child," he said.

The Capobiancos submitted a proposed transition plan to the S.C. Supreme Court in early July. The plan was written by a counselor, who said she had worked with Indian tribes before. She suggested a one-week transition in Oklahoma.

To prepare, the therapist suggested Brown prepare a farewell celebration with his community, write Veronica a letter that celebrates their time together, pack some of her favorite toys and blankets, show Veronica photos of her adoptive family and Skype with Veronica before the transition.

Once in Oklahoma, Veronica's transition would last one week. She would start off meeting with the Capobiancos at Browns home. Several days into the week, she would switch to sleeping at the Capobiancos' residence.

After a week, she would return with them to James Island.

For two months, she would not be able to have physical contact with Brown. She could visit Brown's home again after six months, according to the proposed plan.

Brown's attorney Shannon Jones called the plan "sickening." She said she would ask for a reconsideration if the court finalized the adoption onWednesday. She said Brown would do whatever necessary to protect his daughter. But ultimately, they would honor any court ruling.

A Capobianco family representative released a statement Monday.

"It is of course distressing to all of us, including Veronica's birth mother, that throughout this period, and even to this day, the Brown family has repeatedly refused simple requests for any type of visitation," Jessica Munday said. "And of course that has prevented anyone involved in developing the transition plan from actually meeting Veronica."

Jones would not say whether Brown's team had a transition plan. She also said she would ask for a reconsideration if the adoption were finalized Wednesday.

"Dusten would do whatever necessary to protect his daughter's interests," Jones said.

You can read the full transition plan proposal here.

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