Veronica's adoptive parents want High Court to hear case again

Veronica Rose (provided)

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- The James Island parents who adopted a Native American child want the South Carolina Supreme Court to hear their case again.

The High Court ruled last month Veronica{}Capobianco could remain with her biological father in Oklahoma, in accordance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.

That final ruling was 3-2 in favor of the biological father, and a family spokeswoman says that leaves a window of hope open for the adoptive family.

"There's always hope that maybe one of the justices would have a change of heart," said family friend Jessica Munday.{} "It was very obvious in their conclusion of the ruling that they struggled with that and that they were constrained by the Indian Child Welfare Act."

Veronica Capobianco is two-years-old.{}

The family filed the request for the re-hearing on Friday of last week. No word on when they'll get an answer.