Victim of police assault: "He told me I was the wrong person"


NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The incident happened more than two months ago, but William Waddy remembers the day he was assaulted by a North Charleston police officer vividly.

"Every time I see a police I get real paranoid. My heart starts beating fast and um, I just get real, real paranoid," Waddy said as he recalled July 17.

Police records say former officer Kenneth Jerome Ford unlawfully detained Waddy on West Montague Avenue. Police say Ford then drove Waddy to a dark place and physically assaulted him before destroying some of his personal property.

"I told him he was being recorded. I lied. And, one thing he said was, 'You think you can talk trash to the police and get away with it?'"

Police say the next day, Ford sent a text message to another officer asking him to lie about where he'd taken Waddy.

"I think it was because of a situation earlier. He thought I was with a group of boys," said Waddy. "Later on, he told me that I was the wrong person."

Waddy says he is happy Ford "got what he deserved".

"He always harass a lot of people in the neighborhood. And, I guess people get scared because they don't want to come forth."

The State Law Enforcement Division has charged Ford with official misconduct. He faces up to one year in jail and/or up to a one thousand dollar fine.

Waddy says he has one message for Ford:

"Even though you're an upper authority and stuff, you still can't get away with things like that."

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