Victims chase suspects down Goose Creek bike trail after armed robbery

Chris Tyrone Thomas

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- A man told police he woke up to a gun being cocked in his face and a man yelling at him to give him his wallet.According to a police report, four teens broke in to a home on Farm Road Sunday evening.The male victim told police he woke up to find a curly-haired bi-racial male pointing a gun and yelling at him to hand over his wallet.Once the suspect had the money, the suspect reportedly left the scene with a white male who had assaulted another victim in the home by throwing her on the couch and held her down after a loud noise had led her to the front door.While she was being held down, the victim said she saw a third suspect, a black male, come into the home.Once the money was taken, all three suspects reportedly ran towards the bike trail towards Westview Blvd.The female victim told police she jumped on her bike and tried to follow them but lost sight of them and called police at a nearby store.Police used a K9 unit to track the suspects to an apartment on Pineview Road. Four suspects, including three juveniles were taken into custody. The fourth suspect, a juvenile female, reportedly told police she knew about the crime and was told to act as lookout.{} Police say she is just 13-years-old.{} She said they did it because the male victim owed one of the suspects money.Chris Tyrone Thomas, 19, is charged with kidnapping, burglary, conspiracy, and armed robbery with a deadly weapon.{} Of the four suspects, he is the only one being charged as an adult.{} On Monday night, a judge set his bond at $620,000.{} He is scheduled to appear back in court on September 13th.