Families of murder victims rally for peace in Summerville

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) -- A car parade and rally was held in a community park in Summerville Saturday. The goal of the event was to raise awareness about violence.

"We want to let people know this is a beginning this is a start and the murders and all this other crimes has go to stop. Our community wants to live in peace{} and without fear," said Louis Smith, who helped the event.

"We're hoping this brings some awareness but whatever it takes by any means necessary. We don't want other families to feel what we are feeling," said Judy Wright, an aunt of Don'ta Pringle. Pringle, a Summerville man, who was shot multiple times last summer in Charleston.

"You know it's too many crimes, murders, young people that were taken too early in life," she said.

Wright said two people were charged in her nephew's murder, but not all of the families have seen the responsible parties brought to justice. Barbara Williams' brother John Hancock, was shot in front of their mother's house in the Robynwyn Neighborhood last year.{}

Williams said her brother's murder is still unsolved.{}

"Like I said, somebody knows and by having these rallies, we are hoping that someone will feel in their heart to tell what they know," said Williams. {}

The parents of David Boone are also hopeful one day their son's murderer will be found. Boone was murdered in 2003.

"To focus on stopping violence and if you see anything, report it to the police department and you will be aware of the things," said Gloria Boone.

The families said they organized the event to honor their loved ones whose lives were taken as a result of violence.