Video captures shooting of nuisance alligator

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- An alligator had to be put down after efforts to remove the beast from public areas failed.

According to Department of Natural Resources officials, the alligator appeared again in public after crews had tried several times to get the animal to go back to the lake or pond from which it came.

However, it didn't work.

After it got near a local library, officials decided the 7-foot animal had to be put down because it had become a nuisance. So DNR officials called in a contractor to take the alligator down.

Enter Raymond Covington, the same man who popped up a couple weeks ago in Mount Pleasant on the hunt for a Gaboon viper after a snake skin was found.

DNR officials said Covington was contracted by the agency to take care of the alligator. Officials also said it was legal for Covington to shoot the animal.

While DNR does not suggest shooting the animal on site, there are certain instances where it is best of the safety of the handlers to shoot first and then haul the carcass away. DNR officials said the stress safety above all, for both the handlers and the people who may be standing around as onlookers.

The video of the gator popped up Tuesday on Facebook and shows Covington fighting with the alligator, but ultimately getting a snare around its neck so he can control him.

Then Covington hands off the snare's handle to someone else so he can move around behind the gator and fire a shot into the top of its head.

Covington's hand was only a few inches from the animal when he fired the shot.

At last check, the link to the video had been disabled.