Video of North Charleston assault goes viral on Facebook

Media Jones. (Source: ACDC)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A video posted to Facebook early Wednesday morning has nearly 2,500 shares and is growing. The video depicts one woman beating another woman outside a home.

A woman, identified by police as Media Laverne Jones, pulls a second woman out of a chair, throws her on the ground and hits her repeatedly while yelling at her. At one point, she tries to push the other woman's head into the pavement.

While this is going on, another woman can be heard repeatedly telling Jones to stop. "Mama stop! Mama stop! Mama stop," she says repeatedly in the video.

Jones can also be seen stepping on the other woman's head.

North Charleston police charged Jones with third-degree assault and battery and providing false information to police. Because of the YouTube video, police upgraded the assault and battery charge to second degree, the report states.

According to a police report, the woman who was being attacked managed to get back to her home and call for help after Jones left the area. When police arrived at the Garrett Avenue home, they found Jones outside, who gave them a fake name.

While Jones was being processed at the county jail, officers found a prescription bottle with a pair of hydrocodone pills inside. She was then charged with possession of a Schedule III narcotic.

After she was taken to the Al Cannon Detention Center, she told jail officials her name was Media. She has since been released, according to the detention center.