Video shows Folly Beach brawl

The photo above was taken during the riot. As officers struggled to gain control of the crowd, onlookers chanted "USA!" (Courtesy: Justin Jones)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- A video shot by a College of Charleston student shows the chaos local law enforcement officers described.

As Folly Beach Police officers and Charleston County deputies fought to gain control of situations in the crowd, chants of "USA!" were heard. The swarm of people, as evidenced by the video, made movement and management of the situation difficult.

Several law enforcement officers were injured in the riot and officials say at least eight arrests were made in response to the initial call about the "rowdy crowd" near 10th Street on the beach that came in at around 1 p.m.

Folly Beach Public Safety Chief Brown called for an emergency response around 3 p.m. and requested that all units were needed because the crowd had become violent towards police.

Brown says officers went through the crowd to detain someone for violating city policy by having glass on the beach when the suspect punched an officer. {}At that point Brown says a crowd surrounded officers.

"We were able to get the person out and several other arrests were made," Brown said. "Once the incident had de-escalated, officers were assaulted with beer cans, bottles, wiffle ball bats.{} We went back through the crowd and everyone had calmed down."