Vigil remembers CofC junior who died on spring break

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Friends and family of a College of Charleston student who died during a spring break trip held a vigil to remember Grant Eney Tuesday.

The junior died March 7 as a result of a snorkeling accident, friends said. He was on vacation in Florida.

Eney, a native of Annapolis, Md., was snorkeling when he went underwater for 30 minutes, said fraternity brother Jon-Michael Brock.

"They were snorkeling for lobster. Supposedly he blacked out underwater. They lost him for 30 minutes. When they found him, they rushed him to the hospital, put him in ICU for three days. Then he eventually started shutting down," Brock said.

Eney's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity brothers chartered two buses with more than 100 people to attend the funeral in Annapolis, Brock said.

They also raised $20,000 to donate to Eney's parents to cover medical bills.

Grant's parents have experienced such pain before; his brother died two years ago in a motorcycle accident, Brock said.

"He lost his brother and so when he joined a frat he was looking for brothers. He found us," Brock said.

Friends said his fraternity tried to fill the void, just as it will with Grant's death.

"Katie and I look to each and every one of you as our sons and daughters and welcome you in to our house in Annapolis anytime," Grant's father Craig Eney said. "We need to carry on and we look forward to embracing you and your stories of our beloved Grant."

"They've lost two sons and they've gained 45 new sons," Brock said of his pledge brothers. "We're all here in Charleston for them. They come down. Holidays, we're going to go up there and spend holidays with them. They need us."

They showed brotherhood can be thicker than blood.

Eney's fraternity brothers also said they're working on renaming a Sigma Alpha Epsilon scholarship in his name.