Volunteers help clean up veteran's home after a fire

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) -- As the trash piled up, an Air Force veteran continues to be in awe of the people coming to help him.

"So it's amazing and I sure do appreciate it," said John Richard Boineau, 78.

The garage attached to his home caught on fire a few weeks ago. The fire destroyed his garage and caused serious damage to his house.

Now people he doesn't even know are showing up to help him clean up the mess.

"There's a couple working over there- saw it on TV and decided to show up," said Boineau. {}

Family members and church members who know Boineau personally are also lending a hand.

"He's a very good member of the community," said Troy Moyles, who goes to his church. "He's been through quite a bit. This is the second fire."

Volunteers are also helping to wash items stained by smoke and soot. Some of those items include keepsakes from the Air Force, art,and family photos.{}

"Anything that we can do to repay him for his service is minuscule I believe," Moyles said. {}

As years of items begin to pile up in Boineau's yard, he says he's just thankful people who wanted to help him showed up.

"Everyone needs help every now and then. I mean I know I wouldn't want do all this and have no one at my doorstep to help me out and I'm an energized person," said another volunteer.

Even those who could not physically make it to the clean up did what they could for support.{} Pies Pizza of Ravenel donated about a dozen pies to the hungry crew.

Donations can be made to help Boineau replace his belongings at the Bank of Walterboro. A John Richard Boineau Fund has been set up.


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