Vortex ride won't make debut at Coastal Carolina Fair

By Ava Wilhite

LADSON, S.C. (WCIV) The Vortex was supposed to be the main attraction for the 2013 Coastal Carolina Fair. However, after an accident at the North Carolina State Fair, officials pulled it from the lineup.

Five people were injured in the accident after the ride started moving again as people were trying to exit it. Officials are still trying to figure out what caused the accident, but said it was an isolated incident.

"It's never been in South Carolina and we were very happy to have it. To my knowledge its run without incident everywhere it's been. It's been big attraction and it certainly a sad situation that it wont be here," said Joe Bolchoz, media public relations chairman for the fair.

He said it's their policy to have all of the rides checked by three different people before the ride opens.

Once the fair is open it will be inspected daily by the operators.

"First thing that will happen is the state of South Carolina inspects any ride that will enter into South Carolina. Secondly the carnival has its own safety inspectors, but what we do differently than a lot of fairs in the country and I know in the state is that the Coastal Carolina Fair and the Exchange Club hires its own contracted safety firm," says Bolchoz.

With the Vortex out of the picture, Bolchoz says they are looking for its replacement.

"We are actively searching right now for another spectacular that will take its place that will be better than what we've got now," said Bolchoz. {}

The Coastal Carolina Fair opens on Halloween and runs through Nov. 11.

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