Vote on CCSD budget rescheduled

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was supposed to be a big night for the board of the Charleston County School District as members were set to vote on the budget for the next school year.

Instead, they voted to discuss it and hold off on voting until June 11th.

The budget discussion and voting is a topic of interest for many CCSD employees, as it contains a much publicized pay increase.

The new budget, if approved, would include a two-percent cost of living increase -- the first in three years. Salaried employees would receive a 2-step pay increase in addition to a cost of living raise.

Tonight would have marked the voting on the first reading of the proposed budget. The motion to delay voting was made by board member Elizabeth Moffley and passed on a narrow margin of 13-12.

Again, the vote is set for June 11.