Voters let their voices be heard

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - The South Carolina Primary was a day that voters had a chance to make their voices heard. Across the Lowcountry, people headed out in the morning hours on Saturday.

"This is an important election so I want my vote to count." Lynn Callison of Mount Pleasant said.

According to Joseph Debney, Executive Director of Charleston County Election Commission, voter turnout was up.

"We had a high turnout in some areas and in other areas it was sort of sporadic. I think it's going to be on par on what we saw in 2008 and maybe a little bit higher," he said.

At many Charleston Country precincts, there were reported lines at the door. Numbers quickly dwindled as the day progressed.

"I think on a Saturday, people woke up, people said okay I'm going to go vote around 9, and at 10 we saw a higher turn out. "

Across the state turnout varied. According to the South Carolina Election Commission, some counties reported light or low turnouts, while others reported high and pretty good.

For many voters, they had their minds made up before coming into the polls.

Jack Lieber of Mount Pleasant took a stand with Newt Gingrich.

"I think he has the biggest distinction from Obama of where we want the country to go," Lieber said.

Seniors Ray and Harriet Maher of Mount Pleasant have been married for quite some time and usually vote for the same candidate. This year, however, they split their votes.

"We usually vote for same person. But this time I didn't like the background of Newt Gingrich," Harriett said.

For Harriet, values played a big role for her choosing note vote his way.

"He had three wives and he wants a mistress too. I don't approve of that because we're Catholic."

But for many South Carolinian voters, they held a different opinion, electing Gingrich as the state's republican candidate.