On Colbert Busch: 'She gave it a good fight'

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - When news of former Gov. Mark Sanford's Congressional win spread around the Anson Room at the Renaissance Hotel Tuesday night, the mood of Colbert Busch supporters changed.

They lost their glimmer of hope, but supported her in a race well run.

"She gave her all," said Leonard Davis, a Colbert Busch supporter. "She gave it a good fight in a very difficult district. They redistricted it completely for Republicans and she put up an excellent fight."

"I was nervous but, I thought maybe we can pull this off," said Anne Fortson, also a Colbert Busch supporter.

Colbert Busch was introduced by Charleston Mayor Joe Riley. In her concession speech, Colbert Busch thanked her volunteers, staff and supporters, saying their confidence in her will help carry her to her next journey.

Her supporters say they believed in Colbert Busch and her politics.

"She was very truthful, I think, all the time. And, she did better than anybody else that I can imagine could do in this district," said Davis.

Fortson said she hoped this election would signal a turnaround for the state of South Carolina.

"There's a lot to overcome," said Fortson. "I think that there's just almost too many people who don't think for themselves."

Before Riley stood to speak, Jaime Harrison, the newly elected president of the state's Democratic Party said the party has a lot of work to do, while also hinting at a second race in the future for Colbert Busch.