Voters up close and personal with 1st Congressional candidates

By Valencia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - After an eventful debate filled with twists and turns, the three candidates running for Congress took a casual approach to speaking with voters.

Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Green Party candidate Eugene Platt and Republican Mark Sanford attended two events Tuesday night: "Pork and Politics" sponsored by the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and a public forum sponsored by the Goose Creek NAACP.

Many voters attended the events in hopes of getting a fresh perspective of each.

"It's almost like live music," said Shannon Lee, whose 15-year-old son joined her at the NAACP event. "There's something lost when you see a video or hear it on the radio - when you see a candidate live, it's more personal."

Vonni Jugge also attended the NAACP event. She said she looked for how each candidate approached education issues.

"I thought Elizabeth had some great points. Engineering, science, math those things are truly important," said Jugge. "The Green Party -- he had his own spin on it but, I also loved the way Mark answered his questions."

On the other hand, Chris Weaver is a business owner and attended the Chamber of Commerce event.

Weaver says he was torn between Colbert Busch and Sanford, and had a hard time choosing between the two despite his party affiliation.

"I thought frankly Gov. Sanford was very specific with this group on what the issues were and what he would do about them," said Weaver. "Now, I am a card carrying Democrat so my tendencies are to support Colbert Busch."

While the approach was up close and personal, the results won't be known until election day on May 7.

"Sometimes you have to vote on both the facts and the feel and I'm really conflicted right now to tell you the truth," said Weaver.