Service dog receives military funeral

Waldo (Provided)

By Dean

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A special funeral was held at Joint Base Charleston. It wasn't for an airman but instead for a member of the base's security team.

There wasn't a 21-gun salute but instead just three guns fired three times. Heart-felt salutes were offered by members of the base and Taps was played. Even the howl of a fellow comrade filled the air. A 10-year service career came to an end as 11-year-old Waldo, a German Shepard was laid to rest in a rainy ceremony.

"It's helpful to me. It closes the last chapter of your life with him and letting him rest in peace," said Staff Sgt. Brandon Edwards.

Edwards worked side-by-side with Waldo for the past two years.

"The hardest day was the actual day of his death.{}That was{}the hardest. After that, you learn to cope with it and go on with your life," Edwards said.

Waldo was a narcotics dog. He conducted more than 2,000 searches, served two tours in Operation Enduring Freedom and according to Sgt. Edwards, Waldo was truly man's best friend.

"It's the best partner you could work with, without question, without regard, they would back you up no matter what. If someone laid a hand on us, they would be there to protect me," Edwards said.

Veterans came to pay their final respects. A little boy bowed in prayer{}as Waldo joined the K-9 ring of honor.

"He was just a well-behaved dog, easy to work with. He was just a partner I will always miss," Edwards said.

Waldo also worked in local schools during Red Ribbon week.