War of words over 526 extension project

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A war of words has erupted over the decades old I-526 project.

During a press conference Wednesday, Dana Beach of the Coastal Conservation League called out state leaders who are pushing for the completion of the project. He called the deal to fund the final $138 million by the state infrastructure bank, "back room politics." Beach also said the whole deal was an example of governmental corruption.

Mayor Joe Riley, Mayor Keith Summey, and Charleston County Council Chair Teddie Pryor joined local leaders and held their own press conference Thursday to respond to Beach's accusations.

"I don't appreciate the fact that they say the things that we do in government, because we disagree with it, is corrupt," Mayor Keith Summey said. "I take immediate and definite offense at those comments and I'm kind of angry about it."

"When you try to compromise, there's no compromise in the middle with these folks so it's time for us to move on," County Council Chair Teddie Pryor said. "I'm committed to moving on and completing this project."

The total cost of the 526 extension project is $420 million.