Water Missions moves to bigger facility

Water Missions International has re-located to North Charleston. (Rebecca Lamb/WCIV)

By Sonya

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Water Missions International has a new home on the Navy base in North Charleston.

The organization used to operate out of a building in West Ashley, but now they are operating out of a building that is four times larger.

"We are very excited," said George Greene, CEO of Water Missions. "This is the new facility. You can see it needs a lot of work, but it's an answer to prayer."

Water Missions is leasing the building, which is owned by S.C Public Railway. It was built in 1942.

"This building has not been occupied for many years. It's not in good shape," said Greene. "Many leaks in the roof, it's basically a gutted warehouse.{} The windows are out, paint is coming off, but for the most part it is structurally sound."

Most of the contract work is being done for free, but there are still plenty of costs to fix up the building.

"We are having to spend about 30 or 35 thousand on windows just to close this building in, that's cash," said Greene. "And so those are coming in from donations, we have built up some reserve because we have known for a year now that we are going to need to move."

The building will be split into three parts: manufacturing, offices, and a demonstration area for tours. Workers and volunteers alike spent Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday moving.

"Every time we do something like this, you say how did this happen, it happened because so many people just show up and say, 'What can we do to help?'" said Greene.

The outside of the building is in desperate need of a new paint job, but volunteers from Charleston Water System are going to be taking care of that on September 7th as part of A-Day-of-Caring.

The offices for Water Missions are currently located in a temporary building on the Navy base, but the offices in the new facility should be complete in about three months.

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