Waves have no end for local surf star Spivey

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- We talk about homegrown athletes all the time -- guys like AJ Green, Roddy White, and Matt Wieters.{}

These are the guys who grew up and honed their skills in the Lowcountry and are now performing at an elite level.{}

We don't often mention James Island's Blue Spivey as one of them.

He may not have the fame or fortune as those guys, but Spivey certainly has been a top performer in his sport of surfing for quite a while.

"Surfing is like a mini vacation. Every time you go out, you get away from your cellphone. You get away from whatever is going on that day, especially when you catch a wave, nothing else is on your mind," said Spivey.{}

A career in surfing is truly coming full circle for Spivey.

He started as a 12-year-old on Ocean Surf Shop's team. That same shop now sponsors the 36-year-old, helping him to travel the world competing in the sport he loves. He's been to Costa Rica, Tahiti, Hawaii and California.{}

Cutting waves wherever he goes, his most recent finish is arguably his best. He took second place in the NSSA Nationals in California as well as a third place finish in the Surfing USA competition.{}

"I was the only East Coaster in the final. It was a pretty big accomplishment for me," said Spivey.{}

Wherever he surfs, The Washout at Folly Beach is truly home. He knows these waves best; he owes his success to them.{}

"I enjoy being able to represent, make it to the finals in national-level contests in order to represent James Island and Folly Beach," he said.{}

This upcoming weekend, meteorologists around the Lowcountry are scrambling to find the details on a building storm. Spivey is scrambling to find the beach and the building waves.{}

"Coming up on hurricane season, everyone is hyped and stoked about getting in the water. It keeps me physically healthy as well as mentally. Competing is a bonus," he said.{}

At 36 years old, he's accomplished what he wants in his career, but he's still nowhere close to hanging up his board.{}

"I'm definitely going to keep competing. I'm a competitive guy and it keeps your game at a high level. As long as Ocean Surf Shop supports me, I'll wear the jersey," said Spivey.{}

There's no end in sight, just blue skies and blue water ahead for Blue Spivey.{}