Weather affects mail delivery across South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) -- After the winter weather that hit the Palmetto State this week, the US Postal Service is working to open post offices and deliver mail to as many customers as possible in the state's 290-296/299 zip code areas.

According to a release, postal operations in the Upstate and the Midlands have been hampered with because many roads and highways are not safe to drive, which limited the number of employees who were able to get to work.

The impassable roads have also made it difficult to move mail between processing facilities and local post offices.

Officials said operations in coastal locations have been largely unaffected.

"The safety of our employees mustalways be our first priority," said Acting Greater South Carolina DistrictManager{} Sharon Rogers. "With state officials urging people to stayoff the roads as much as possible, we could not ask our employees to putthemselves in harm's way by venturing out on the roads if they felt it wasunsafe.{} We were able to deliver a verysmall percentage of mail on Wednesday, and open some post offices for a fewhours, but overall, like other companies in this area, our operations weregreatly reduced."

Customers are asked to clear the areas around their mailboxes of ice, snow and other obstacles that will make it easier for letter carriers to deliver the mail.