Webb Simpson: At home in the Lowcountry

By Scott

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) --{}These days, Webb Simpson is known as the US Open Champ.{} Back in the day, you could refer to Webb Simpson as the two time Azalea Amateur champ.{}

"Yea, a lot has happened since then.{} My favorite shot I've ever hit in my golf career was at the Azalea Am in '07 in a playoff." says Simpson.{}

"The best memory from that week was Chris Kirk and I, we always used to get confused or we confused people.{} People called me Kirk all the time and people called him Webb.{} The final round we were paired together and it was April Fool's so I put on all Georgia gear and my caddie wore Georgia gear, and he and his caddy were all in Wake Forest gear.{} We got everybody confused.{} But the news reporter in the playoff was commentating it and referred to me as Chris Kirk."

He may have confused the news, but there was no confusion in Charleston, this kid could play.{}

"It was a fun day, I love coming back to Charleston and any time I get back here I think about the Azalea and winning it with my Dad on the bag.{} Great memories around here."Times have changed for Webb Simpson.{} He's now won several tournaments including a major.{}

However, the most major moment of his life this year, the birth of his second child, a daughter named Willow Grace.{} He took off from the British Open for her birth and this is Simpson's first tournament back.{}

"I felt a little rust yesterday on the first nine holes.{} You know, I've played a lot of golf the past two weeks at home, and its just always different when you get out here around other players. It wore off on the back nine and I played well today." says Simpson.{}

As long as he starts well, we already know he can finish off tournaments in Charleston.