Wet weather boon to some crops, hampers others

By SUSANNE M. SCHAFERAssociated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The rain pelting portions of South Carolina is a boon to corn crops and makes for happy cows in green pastures, but it also hampers wheat, oat and watermelon harvests.

Agriculture and weather officials say the recent rainstorms are a mixed blessing and are affecting varied crops in different ways. They may seem even more intense given that the state has suffered years of a punishing drought.

A farmer in Barnwell County says the rains are coming at the perfect time for his corn. But Jeff Sandifer adds that the rain also makes harvesting his watermelons difficult during the peak season when consumers want them for their Fourth of July festivities.

He says the moist conditions are challenging, because they also present perfect conditions for crop diseases to fester.

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