What's next for Boeing's newest 787?

Boeing's 787s undergo inspections and a "Boeing flight" before they are handed over to customers. The photo above shows a Boeing employee working in the tail end of a 787 at the North Charleston facility. (Brian Troutman/WCIV)

By Valencia

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Boeing South Carolina's newest 787 may be built, but the work is far from done for Boeing employees. The plane will be put through tests before it officially leaves the Lowcountry en route to India.

"The first thing we do is weigh it. We want to know how much weight it is because obviously weight is very important to the customer," said Jack Jones, vice president of Boeing South Carolina. "The second thing we do is we fuel it. (We) Check the fuel; make sure there's no leaks; make sure all the pumps transfer fuel; center tanks; outer tanks." said Jack Jones, vice president of Boeing South Carolina.

From front to back the 787 Dreamliner is checked function by function.

"We take it into a stall. We run the engines for the first time. And, that's when we actually, for the very first time the airplane is under its own power," said Jones.

From there, the plane is sent into the air for testing.

"Once we're confident that it's safe to fly, we take it up for what we call a 'Boeing flight.' So, that's the first flight. We hope that'll happen anywhere from three to four weeks," Jones said. "If everything goes good for the first flight, we bring it down. Then, we let the customer come in. He checks it out just like you or I would on a car, makes sure everything looks good."

The "Boeing flight" will take off in the Lowcountry and fly for five hours around the Palmetto State.

Officials say this plane has electronic window dimming, cleaner air, lower cabin pressure, is a smoother ride and the plane is actually lighter than others like it.

Officials say the company is 3.5 years late in producing the plane but, it isn't keeping airlines from wanting to buy it.

So far, 59 airlines have ordered the plane -- a total of 854 total orders.

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