Which is better - ACA or Obamacare?

LOS ANGELES (WCIV) - When JimmyKimmel asked people on the street whether the favored the Affordable Care Actor Obamacare to fix the country's ailing health care system, he amassed a collectionof people who did not know the two were the same.

"I think there's a lot of holesin it and it needs to be revamped," said one woman Monday.

One after another, people toldKimmel's street crew that the Affordable Care Act was the better law because,as one man said, "just the name says it all."

"I think it's more Americanbecause it allows people to make their own choices about what they want," saidanother person.

The four-minute segment showswhat many pundits have opined for months, that the average American is confusedby the law, its name, and what is required of them.

"I don't like anything that hasto be forced for everybody to buy. It's just not good," said anotherrespondent.

One man said he felt like theAffordable Care Act was not a socialist law, but Obamacare was.

The name confusion was recentlyunderscored by a CNBC poll that found 46 percent of Americans surveyed opposedObamacare while 37 percent opposed the Affordable Care Act - even though thetwo are the same.

Somehow, the confusion extendedall the way to gun control. When one woman was asked if she thought Obamacarewould eventually lead to gun prohibition, she said she thought it would.

On Tuesday, health careexchanges opened, allowing people to look into prices for insurance coverage.People without insurance are required to find coverage, and they have until agrace period runs out in March to find a coverage plan on their own or throughthe state exchanges.

People who already haveinsurance do not have to sign up, but they can compare coverage and prices todetermine if it's cost-effective to switch plans.

Jimmy Kimmel can be seen on ABCNews 4 at 11:35 p.m. every weeknight.

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