Wild hogs taking over West Ashley neighborhoods

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Some West Ashley neighborhoods are having a big problem with wild hogs wreaking havoc on their property.

Neighbors said the problem started over a year ago in the Hamilton Grove neighborhood, but has recently gotten worse in the Autumn Chase and Magnolia Lakes area.

The hogs have damaged about two dozen yards so far, officials said. They added the problem is difficult to resolve.

"They put us in touch with someone who can trap these animals and the results of that are yet to be determined. They've had some success but we suspect it's going to be an ongoing process," said Jim Metzger with the Home Owner's Association.

Metzger said he believed the hogs have infested his neighborhood because their normal wooded habitat is being destroyed by new developments along Bees Ferry Road.

Officials have notified the mayor's office and city councilmen about the problem.