Wilson under scrutiny for not reporting donations

By SEANNA ADCOXAssociated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina's top prosecutor is under scrutiny for not reporting roughly a dozen donations on campaign filings.

A campaign consultant for Attorney General Alan Wilson said Friday that 10 to 15 contributions to Wilson's January 2011 inaugural ball were mistakenly not reported. Adam Fogle says Wilson's campaign reports will be amended.

Wilson funded the gala through his campaign, rather than creating a separate account, as is frequently done for such events.

Fogle says the campaign chose to handle it as any other fundraising event.

While it sought sponsorship amounts above the allowed maximum donation to a campaign, Fogle says no donor topped $3,500.

The issue came up after Wilson said he would return money from House Speaker Bobby Harrell - money listed on Harrell's campaign filings, but not Wilson's.

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