Winter storm forces local food trucks make up for lost profits

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- This week's freezing weather took its toll on cars, bridges and businesses, including Lowcountry food trucks.

With the weather back to normal, food truck vendors like Daniel and Elizabeth Estrella are trying to make back some of their lost profits.

"We were hoping for a great January, and shutting down for a whole entire week didn't help us," said Elizabeth Estrella, who operates the Little Star of the Caribbean food truck. "Our employees didn't get the hours that they needed and we had disappointed clients and we did lose quite a bit of money."

The third annual Food Truck Rodeo was held Saturday in Marion Square.

But once again, the weather put the Puerto Rican food truck in a bit of a financial squeeze, as the rain moved in Saturday morning.

"We really need this event to be able to start off the year very strong, and for some of us to not close our doors," said Elizabeth Estrella.

The Estrellas prepared enough food for 500 people.

"We have Arroz con Pollo, red beans, black beans, fried Tostones and plantains done different ways," said Elizabeth Estrella.

While Mother Nature took her toll, the Estrellas hoped the menu would encourage folks to brave the rain.

"I've never had Caribbean food before," said Rachel Jones. "It's something different and it just looked really good and smelled good."

The food trucks helped satisfy its customers' stomachs and helped to keep hope alive, despite the rain.

"I don't care what the weather is like, if they are here, I'll be here," said Jaime Banda.



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